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Icon generator 1.0.3 don't work

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Created05.06.2022 21:54

Julien Laune (Jujudu62) 05.06.2022 21:54
I have a problem since updating the game to 1.4 with the "Icon generator" software.
As soon as I launch the software (normally or as an administrator) it tells me that there is an error:

Loaded configuration from 'C:\Users\Julien\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022\fsIconGenerator' Game Directory: '' Version: '' Valid: 'False'
Traceback (most recent call last):

File "", line 18, in <module>

File "app\", line 88, in __init__

File "app\", line 147, in _initializeDefaultDirectories

File "app\", line 196, in setEditorDirectory

File "app\utils\", line 166, in removeGettingStartedDialog

File "", line 322, in decode

UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xe9 in position 16870: invalid continuation byte

I have already deleted the folder containing the log... without success
I still have version 1.0.0 but it no longer works with Giants Editor!
Does anyone have a working version?

Thank you for your help!
Best regards!

Joe Theisen (JoeTheisen) 12.06.2022 05:55
Deleting the entire FSIcon folder does the trick for me. although you have to do it every time you want to use it which seems counter productive. hopefully there is a fix soon.

Jonathan Leske (Jonny2307) 17.07.2022 09:26
Try reinstalling the icon generator.
Hopefully this helps.

Nord Hawk (NordHawkSteam) 20.07.2022 21:37
You need to download the updated Icon Generator 1.0.4 (FS22), Go to "Downloads" here on the GDN and you will find it, or click the link..

That should help, I had the same issues but I noticed an update was here and that solved my issue.

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