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Problem using my own .dds decal textures when I export my object to i3d.

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Created10.06.2022 20:08

Tiaan Rootman (tiaanroot) 10.06.2022 20:08
Hi. So I'm new to modding and finally got the hang of blender kind of. The big problem I am having now is when using my own .dds decals that I made either on or photoshop. They show up in blender and I use the uv mapping and get them where I want them. I export it to GE and it crashes GE. If I use other mods .dds decal textures and import it to GE it shows up perfectly. So I assume the problem is how I make my decals. Can't seem to find any tutorial video on it. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 11.06.2022 01:59
What size is the .dds image? Did you look at the Editor log file?

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 11.06.2022 11:20
Decals need to be BC7 format and the particular version of BC7 used in FS22 can only be created using the Texture tool available from the downloads section of this forum (GIANTS Texture Tool v9.0.0 (Farming Simulator 22))

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