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Where/How do I get starting making a map?

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Created12.06.2022 14:54

Logan Arsenault (Deathroadkillz) 12.06.2022 14:54
I've been looking all over for the last week for documentation on making a map and a lot of it appears to be for the older games or they all have a different way to do it and it's somewhat confusing on what the right and proper way. I've also asked in several modding groups but none of them seem to want to be of any help, I know there won't be a be-all-end-all guide for it but I'm looking to get pointed in the right direction.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 12.06.2022 20:00
Modding Video Tutorials 4.0 (Farming Simulator 19) in the Video Tutorials section, made for FS19 but still relevant now

Logan Arsenault (Deathroadkillz) 12.06.2022 21:53
Thanks, I'll give it a try!

Bauer Paul (Kuhzucht) 28.06.2022 15:53
willst du auf einer blanken map anfangen mit Mapbau ???

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