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Saving dds options when making decals for FS22

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Created13.06.2022 13:51

Damien Mcfarland (Damofarm) 13.06.2022 13:51
Hi all,
I have modified a base game FS 22 decal that I want to use in a new mod I am working on.

When I try to save it in, it asks for a specific format but I am unsure which to use, some options are BC1,2,3 etc..
Do I have to make the image size standard, 1024 x 256 would work for this decal, long and thin.

Also, do I need 'Generate Mip Maps' checked or not?

I have searched for an answer but no luck so any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks to you all and take care.

Patton_M47 13.06.2022 16:13
save it as PNG the editor will convert it to dds

Damien Mcfarland (Damofarm) 13.06.2022 17:35
Thanks Patton_M47

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