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Created21.06.2022 05:15

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 21.06.2022 05:15
So I have added a new ground texture from the alphine map and over to my elmcreek map. I used the add function in the editor. hit the apply button and everything went well. I can paint the mountainRock01 texture on the ground. No error in the editor.

When I started the map up to test it I got a error, that error made my game crash at 69% loading. Now. I`m only running the map, no mods at all in my test folder. This is what the log say.

2022-06-21 05:02 Error in terrain layer 'mountainRock01': Value out of range for terrain layer attribute 'AI priority' (5), allowed range: [1.000000 16.000000], value: 0.000000.

I don`t know what this mean and don`t know how to fix it. I hoping someone can tell me what it means and how to fix it. Like I was saying, this is from the 22 alphine map and not 19 map. I folowed a video on it on youtube, it was easy to do and no error in the id3 file.

A small warning on a console thing.

2022-06-21 05:01 Warning: Shape from 'map.i3d.shapes' too big (8863 KB). Maximum supported size on Consoles is 8192 KB.
Ps. This is not the reason for the game crash.

I thank all for the help.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 21.06.2022 22:07
Open your map i3d and find your mountianRock textures and they should look like this from the alpine map,

<Layer name="mountainRock01" detailMapId="77" normalMapId="78" unitSize="6" unitOffsetU="0" unitOffsetV="0" weightMapId="76" blendContrast="0.2" attributes="0.167 0.163 0.159 0 7 8"/>
<Layer name="mountainRock02" detailMapId="80" normalMapId="81" unitSize="6" unitOffsetU="0" unitOffsetV="0" weightMapId="79" blendContrast="0.2" attributes="0.167 0.163 0.159 0 7 8"/>
<Layer name="mountainRock03" detailMapId="83" normalMapId="84" unitSize="6" unitOffsetU="0" unitOffsetV="0" weightMapId="82" blendContrast="0.2" attributes="0.167 0.163 0.159 0 7 8"/>
<Layer name="mountainRock04" detailMapId="86" normalMapId="87" unitSize="6" unitOffsetU="0" unitOffsetV="0" weightMapId="85" blendContrast="0.2" attributes="0.167 0.163 0.159 0 7 8"/>

the last number at the end of each line in this case is '8', is the 'AI priority' you can have a number from 1-16 the lower the number the more likely the AI when sent on A mission will drive on that texture,if you have A texture with A high number and you whant the AI to cross at a point like a creek you need to add a AI spline to the map in editor.The consoles warning I belive is that you wont be abale to release it so it can be played on a console.
Hope this helps

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 24.06.2022 01:59
I got it, thanks to you William. Thank you so much for your help. it`s working now :) Okay, thats ok , this map is only for privat use anyway, but now I know. I have also manage to convert some 19 textures, struggling a little with ingame texture but, I will figure that out on a later time.

Thank you again for help William

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