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Traffic spline problem

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Created26.06.2022 10:03

Iron_Thunder 26.06.2022 10:03
I have traffic splines placed down on my map and when the vehicles enter an intersection they slow down a lot, nearly stop, and then accelerate again, blocking other traffic. Is there any way to fix this ?

William Rowe (Bonger76) 27.06.2022 01:46
look at the spline in you editor with your user attributes window on and select the spline you whant to change it should have attributes

" maxSpeedForce '1' "

" speedLimit 'x' "

the x being how fast the traffic drives on that spline intersections have slower short spline to make it look
more realistic .
Hope that helps

Iron_Thunder 27.06.2022 13:36
I lowered the speed on the intersections but the cars still stop, some before some after turning.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.06.2022 14:49
That can occur if CV's (control vertex) of the spline are rotated.
Solution: 'freeze' the spline rotation.

Iron_Thunder 27.06.2022 19:50
Ah that worked, thank you so much !

Viktor Nevrla (RastamanTHCz) 21.03.2023 20:39
Hello I have the same problem, how 'freeze' the spline rotatio ?

Ekkehard Kohfeld (EKohfeld) 27.03.2023 14:27
KI Fahrzeuge halten 1 bis 1,5 Fahrzeuglängen vor der Kreuzung oder Einmündung an fahren nicht mehr weiter und sorgen für Staus.
Egal bei welcher Map und die Richtung kann ja nicht die Lösung sein, denn dann sind sie auf der falschen Fahrtrichtung.

AI vehicles stop 1 to 1.5 vehicle lengths in front of the intersection or junction and cause traffic jams.
It doesn't matter which map and which direction it is, it can't be the solution, because then you're going in the wrong direction.

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