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Created29.06.2022 14:09

Nathan Lemoine (GamingXSpaceStudio) 29.06.2022 14:09
Hello, I have a problem when I want to modify a map to put the stones in the fields. Indeed, these do not appear despite the fact that I have made all the necessary changes:
-> Added densityMap_stones.png which turned into GDM
-> Added "Stones" in the root of the map by modifying with Notepad++ (added <File fileId="253" filename="$data/foliage/stone/stone.xml"/> and <FoliageMultiLayer densityMapId=" 282" numChannels="3" numTypeIndexChannels="0">
<FoliageType name="stone" foliageXmlId="253"/>
-> Addition in the maps_densityMapHeightTypes: <densityMapHeightType fillTypeName="STONE" maxSurfaceAngle="32" fillToGroundScale="1.0" allowsSmoothing="false">
<collision scale="0.80" baseOffset="0.0" minOffset="0.0" maxOffset="0.0" />
-> Added in the maps_fillTypes: <fillType name="STONE" title="$l10n_fillType_stone" showOnPriceTable="true" achievementName="DeliveryStones" unitShort="$l10n_unit_literShort">
<physics massPerLiter="1.6" maxPhysicalSurfaceAngle="35" />
<economy pricePerLiter="0.05" />
<image hud="$dataS/menu/hud/fillTypes/hud_fill_stone.png" />
<diffuse textures="$data/fillPlanes/stone_diffuse.png"
normal ="$data/fillPlanes/stone_normal.png"
distance="$data/fillPlanes/distance/stoneDistance_diffuse.png" />
Despite all these modifications, it doesn't appear on IG and I don't understand why if anyone has a solution please :)

Nathan Lemoine (GamingXSpaceStudio) 29.06.2022 14:09

William Rowe (Bonger76) 29.06.2022 18:03
I had this same thing then I figured out you have to paint the stones in the editor as the invisableStone and YA you can not see what you painted
atleast I could not find any way to show the so what I did because my map is 16x is took the elm creek densityMap_stones.gdm converted to
.png and over layered it to my densityMap_stones.png to cover over the areas of my .png and made it that way ,you can not just paint it solid the ground would be all rocks when you cultivat or plow,if you are useing regulare size map just use one of the game maps densityMap_stones.gdm.
and if you whant more rocks in an area just paint more invisable rocks in that area in the editor.Writing this had A though that you might be able to
just paint the rocks where you whant small, medium or large they will show when you start the map turn off stones option in game and they should disapear save game and use the saved game densityMap_stones.gdm and then put that in you map then that would make them invisable?
Then in new game thier still thier just invisable then visable when plowed.The game densityMap_stones.gdm is the easest.

Hope this helps

Nathan Lemoine (GamingXSpaceStudio) 29.06.2022 18:30
Bonger76 Thank, I try and I test this.

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