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Created02.07.2022 17:56

Dmitriy Volkov (DuMooooooH) 02.07.2022 17:56
Good afternoon. Please tell me how to remove the display of grass in the pda when I turn on grass in the form of crops. I tried all the ways, anyway, the grass appears in the pda on the whole map if I turn it on, yes, I drew grass on the whole map where necessary. How to fix it?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.07.2022 00:48
There's nothing to fix - it works just as intended.
The PDA map overview displays the fruit/foliage density bitmaps all over the map, not on fields alone.
And since grass is also used as general map deco, it is disabled by default.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 04.07.2022 23:04
Have A diffrent type of grass to plant out side of field ares that you dont whant to show on the PDA if you compare the Base game
maps_fruitTypes.xml thier are two grass types "grass" and "meadow". Their in the first line you can change if it shows or not

<fruitType name="grass" shownOnMap="true" useForFieldJob="false">

<fruitType name="meadow" shownOnMap="false" useForFieldJob="false">

make shure that your opening your own maps_fruitTypes.xml from your mod map dont change base game maps_fruitTypes.xml.

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