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Created04.07.2022 23:40

Menno Borkhuis (Menno230) 04.07.2022 23:40
I am currently working on a trailer which can remove it's side's to become a bale trailer. However I wanted to add some optional extra's (designconfigurations) to the side for example a warning sign. However in the store the option to add a sign to the side also appears when the bale trailer is selected. This doesn't cause any errors/warnings but it sits there for no reason and doesn't do anything when you turn it on or off.
Is there any way I can make it only appear when I select a bulk trailer? Similair to some of the antonio carraro tractors with the bullbar and front 3-point?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.07.2022 00:12
You must setup different <configurationSets> including <configuration name="design" according your <designConfigurations>.
For examples search in the default files for these keywords, eg. with Notepad++ "search in files".

Menno Borkhuis (Menno230) 05.07.2022 11:51
it works perfectly! Thanks for helping me! :)

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