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Created06.07.2022 16:59

Alexandre Briez (Cart2k2) 06.07.2022 16:59
Hello to the whole community,

I am creating a map and I was making a plane to create a dynamic water stream with a visible water current as it is the case on the basic FS22 US map, Elmcreek.

Going through Blender, creating my own plane, taking special care with the UV unfolding, then when exporting to i3D, adding the refraction and reflection lines... when importing under GE 9.0.3, the water currents go in all directions and the result is bad.

Under giants, I added the OceanShader.xml and the Waterflow variation as well as the corresponding texture files from ElmCreek : for the normal texture file as well as the file in custom variation texture.

I'm sure it's in Blender but could someone who has very good knowledge in blender help me on this part of the UV Mapping?

Thank you in advance.

(I apologize in advance for my English, I am from France)

Pete Johnson (Diguelo) 26.07.2022 11:47
Check out the new Platinum Edition trailer, it has just that in it. Flowing dynamic water.

Markus Farveleder (Razzer99) 07.12.2023 11:55
Hi, i want to create the same water flow....did you find a solution?

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 07.12.2023 20:11

in french but google translate works just fine

Emanuel Schäffauer (Emanuel83) 19.02.2024 22:37
What you want is a flow map. A flow map is a texture where the water texture is streched via a shader to make it flow. A flow map nees to be painted in Blender with a add on which is free from what I remember. Search for "flow map painter". It actually is a brush tool where you paint the direction and speed of the flow on a UV unwrapped before. Material you can use the same as the creeks on Elmcreek. The creeks on Silverrun would be interesting but its locked DLC...

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