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Created10.07.2022 04:34

Patton_M47 10.07.2022 04:34
Hi what is causing my land to not be buyable properly?

William Rowe (Bonger76) 10.07.2022 06:55
First you need to make the farmlamd.xml load from your map.In you map.xml change this

<farmlands filename="$data/maps/mapUS/farmlands.xml" /> to this

<farmlands filename="maps/mapUS/farmlands.xml" /> , Then in your farmland.xml change this

<farmlands densityMapFilename="data/mapUS_farmland.grle" numChannels="6" pricePerHa="6000"> to this

<farmlands densityMapFilename="maps/mapUS/data/infoLayer_farmland.grle" numChannels="6" pricePerHa="6000"> then below this line
define your defaultFarmProperty="true" to whatever that number that you painted it.I seen you had 21 farmlands you missed 9 and you should paint
the unbuyable land out side of you colision with all channles checked in the info farmland infolayer it will show as purple after you paint it.
you need to remove all the other <farmland id in the .xml that your not useing if you dont paint something with the 9 channel you need to remove
or block.

this error is because you dont have A fieldGround.xml in your map.
Error: Failed to open xml file 'C:/Users/User/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2022/mods/Fs22_OldFamilyFarm/maps/mapUS/fieldGround.xml'.
I would just go to your map.xml and chang this

<fieldGround filename="maps/mapUS/fieldGround.xml" /> to this

<fieldGround filename="$data/maps/mapUS/fieldGround.xml" /> because you are useing base USmap this could load from game.
you have shader errors I would fix them so that all your shaders open from game so that if Giants edits a shader in a patch you wont get errors.
this warning

Warning: i3d onCreate user-attribute 'Nightlight' is deprecated. Please use 'Visiblity Condition'-Tab in GIANTS Editor for node 'spotLight01'

this not shure how to fix ask again on this someone else might know.
the error on you pda_map_H.png it need to be A .dds

hope this helps

Patton_M47 10.07.2022 14:27

William Rowe (Bonger76) 10.07.2022 17:49
To fix your pda to line up right ,take your pda_map_H.png open in resize to 2048x2048 save as dtx1 with mipmaps,
then open the "" from your map and then put your new in the center of the "" as a layer covering the
red color in the middle then erase all stuff on the "" then past the layer down and resave as above dtx1 with mipmaps this will
line everything up.

Patton_M47 11.07.2022 00:31
okay thanks! how do I solve this?
2022-07-10 17:23 Warning: PlaceableUtil.loadPlaceable can only load existing store items, no store item for xml filename 'data/placeables/mapUS/gasStation.xml'

William Rowe (Bonger76) 11.07.2022 05:18
if you are going to add your own placebles you need to have A storeItems.xml in your map that you add them to.Start with copying one over from the base mapUS from game then go into your map.xml and change this

<storeItems filename="$data/maps/mapUS/storeItems.xml" /> to this

<storeItems filename="maps/mapUS/storeItems.xml" /> then edit the storeItems.xml remove the ones you are not useing add the new make shure the file path is right

<storeItem xmlFilename="maps/mapUS/placeables/newGasStation/newGasStation.xml" /> whatever it's name is.

I liked all the Farmall IH stuff in your map I have been fixing up my Great Grandfathers 1945 Farmall BN it's been a learning curve with 6volt reverse positive, generator,magneto,governor. Got it running good.

Patton_M47 11.07.2022 14:31
thanks and nice!

Patton_M47 11.07.2022 15:55
what am I doing wrong now?

Patton_M47 11.07.2022 18:50

William Rowe (Bonger76) 11.07.2022 22:43
I will take A look.

Ok in your placeable.xml your placeable from your map need to look like this

<placeable filename="$moddir$/maps/mapUS/placeables/mapUS/sawmill/sawmill.xml" position="332.828 102.029 -370.735" rotation="0 0 0" />
<placeable filename="$moddir$/maps/mapUS/placeables/mapUS/gasStation/gasStation.xml" position="399.43 91.926 -576.412" rotation="0 0 0" />
<placeable filename="$moddir$/maps/mapUS/placeables/mapUS/gasStation/gasStation.xml" position="-81.274 93.766 -403.591"
rotation="0 39.736 0" />

in you store.xml add the sawmill,

<storeItem xmlFilename="maps/mapUS/placeables/mapUS/sawmill/sawmill.xml" />

Patton_M47 12.07.2022 00:10

Patton_M47 12.07.2022 01:08
still not working :(

William Rowe (Bonger76) 12.07.2022 13:51
Ok got it working have no idea what makes it work this way must be A converted map.
So you need to change these things,

in your map modDesc add this

<storeItem xmlFilename="maps/mapUS/placeables/gasStation/gasStation.xml" />
<storeItem xmlFilename="maps/mapUS/placeables/sawmill/sawmill.xml" />
all new map placeable storeItems <storeItem xmlFilename added here

change this back in map.xml

<storeItems filename="$data/maps/mapUS/storeItems.xml" />

Map placeables like this in your placeable.xml,

<placeable mapBoundId="sawmill" filename="$moddir$Fs22_OldFamilyFarm/maps/mapUS/placeables/sawmill/sawmill.xml" position="332.828 102.029 -370.735" rotation="0 0 0" />
<placeable mapBoundId="gasStation1" filename="$moddir$Fs22_OldFamilyFarm/maps/mapUS/placeables/gasStation/gasStation.xml" position="399.43 91.926 -576.412" rotation="0 0 0" />
<placeable mapBoundId="gasStation2" filename="$moddir$Fs22_OldFamilyFarm/maps/mapUS/placeables/gasStation/gasStation.xml" position="-81.274 93.766 -403.591" rotation="0 39.736 0" />

and adjust the position and rotation to where it is on your map.

and in your "gasStation.xml" and "sawmill.xml" in your placeable folder you need to have your base secetion with true file path



Patton_M47 12.07.2022 20:05
still not working for me :( what am I doing wrong....

William Rowe (Bonger76) 12.07.2022 20:52
I got your map working error free, I had already fix your farmland .xml and it's infoLayer_farmland.grle when helped you with that error
fix the shader errors. Fix and added light to the store and red barn that was causeing error.I converted your .wav sounds to .ogg to fix the
preformace warning.I put the houses that you used from the emlcreek transform group so you can delete that if you dont whant anything else
from thier. I will post A link soon with the map working just need your placeable mods and vehicales,now I had to optamize it so I could up load A
smaller .zip file ,this means got rid of all the extra texture ,.i3d and sound.wav files the map is not useing so if you whant some that is not thier now
just get it from your map, I don't know how close to being done your but had to make it smaller slow enternet speed trying to upload to dropbox now.
try to get it to you today.

Patton_M47 12.07.2022 22:39
thanks alot!

William Rowe (Bonger76) 12.07.2022 23:51
Here is the link sorry it took so long bad enternet

I also made the signs on the store look lite up at night if you dont whant that just remove the shader from the sign.

Patton_M47 13.07.2022 00:12
okay thanks!

Patton_M47 13.07.2022 00:44
are you sure its working because its not for me.... I definitely have your version too because I can see the neon lights (neat can't decide if I am gonna keep though)

William Rowe (Bonger76) 13.07.2022 14:09
whats not working,because I dont have all the placeable mods and vehicials, you are trying to open with your map placeable.xml I used to "testplaceable .xml" and "testvehicale.xml" that are in the map block your "placeable .xml" like this"1placeable .xml" and the vehicale.xml to
and remove the "test" from the others put the map in your mods folder with just the map nad it will work.I just checked and it still get the store error on the gasStation and sawmill when I run your placeable.xml, I thought it was because didn't have your mods, must be a conflict with one of your
mods do like I stated above run the test.xml and you whon't get the errors, it must be how one of the mods regestier itself.

Patton_M47 13.07.2022 15:45
the sawmill and the gas station which you shouldn't need mods to get to load

2022-07-12 18:35 Warning: PlaceableUtil.loadPlaceable can only load existing store items, no store item for xml filename 'E:/FarmingSimulator2022/mods/Fs22_OldFamilyFarm/mapUS/placeables/mapUS/sawmill/sawmill.xml'
2022-07-12 18:35 Warning: PlaceableUtil.loadPlaceable can only load existing store items, no store item for xml filename 'E:/FarmingSimulator2022/mods/Fs22_OldFamilyFarm/mapUS/placeables/mapUS/gasStation.xml' (note how it says mapUS/gasStation.xml everywhere in the XMLs it says mapUS/gasStation/gasStation.XML)
2022-07-12 18:35 Warning: PlaceableUtil.loadPlaceable can only load existing store items, no store item for xml filename 'E:/FarmingSimulator2022/mods/Fs22_OldFamilyFarm/mapUS/placeables/mapUS/gasStation.xml'

William Rowe (Bonger76) 13.07.2022 18:29
The problem is coming from that you are trying to load placeale mods from your map placeable.xml from the game mods folder,it is differnet if you
start a games and buy A placeable the game is registering the mods storeItem. and no problem but when you load it from your maps placeable.xml it is not in your modDesc. storeItems.The placeables you whant to load with your map should load from your maps placeable folder and be in your

Here is a link to the files you need to change unzipp and replace the ones in your map I made a sellPoint for the HayBarn and added a limeStation
so you can see how to get it load data or from the game placeables. change out these files and load the map by itself no other mods,the only mod
I tested it with is the powerTool mod so I could test sellPoint.

the other placeable mods are makeing the games look for the storeItems in the wrong place that is causeing the errors on the ones you are loading from map.The placeables should load from your map or the data game placeable so if you whant one of those placeable mod to open with your map load it from your maps placeables folder and add it to the modDesc storeItems section

Patton_M47 13.07.2022 18:57
thanks interestingly the bale sell point is not working but everything else is even with the mods installed....

Patton_M47 13.07.2022 19:23
just added everything back into the placeable XML it all works (except the hay sell point) fine.... what did you change?

Patton_M47 13.07.2022 19:37

William Rowe (Bonger76) 13.07.2022 21:27
You need to add the sellingPoint I made to your modDesc. storeItems

<storeItem xmlFilename="mapUS/placeables/gasStation/gasStation.xml" />
<storeItem xmlFilename="mapUS/placeables/sawmill/sawmill.xml" />
<storeItem xmlFilename="mapUS/placeables/sellingStation/sellingStationHayBarn.xml" /
that sell point is not loading it's need to be in modDesc. storeItems ,the bale and hay sellpoint works, the only thing that I forgot and you have to add the sellingStationHayBarn.xml in the

<baleTrigger triggerNode="baleTrigger" deleteLitersPerSecond="10000"/>
I Forgot STRAW, you know when the sell point I made loads thier are the sellpoint icons for the grain,production,hay and bales and rootcropes by the leanto and you should remove the sellstation TP by the HayBarn it' the first one in your placeable.xml you should make your own sellPoint by the train or remove all the fruitType that are not on your map from the sellStatiom_TP mod.

made the changes above tested with all your modsand the new sellPoint loads and all works

Patton_M47 13.07.2022 23:29
okay thanks!

William Rowe (Bonger76) 13.07.2022 23:46
All the error when loading with the mods is coming from the FS22_Selling_Station_TP mod.It buged me so I made a sell point at the train station
and loaded that from the map and removed the station _TP and no errors or warings. I will try to get you a link A little later to the map and you
can see what I changed.the sell point at train is loading I just need to test

Patton_M47 14.07.2022 01:48

Patton_M47 14.07.2022 02:06
I edited the TP one so it doesn't have those fill types anymore (I was getting tired of starting new games to make sure all the placeables loaded lol)

William Rowe (Bonger76) 14.07.2022 03:20
Here is a link to the map added sellpoint at the trian ,test and all work with your mods. Removed the sellpoint_TP from you placeable.xml so you won't need that mod anymore looks good added a couple of objects to make sellpoint look like sell point this is the link for the map

fix the Amazone_D1 that was giving warning A little .i3d and .xml work now no warnings from it and also fix the John_Deere_620 .dds error
this is the link for them

with this two fix and the fillStation_TP removed no warnings no errors.

Patton_M47 14.07.2022 04:31
okay thanks!

Patton_M47 14.07.2022 04:53
looks awesome thanks!

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