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Created15.07.2022 19:43

Nathan Lemoine (GamingXSpaceStudio) 15.07.2022 19:43

For a few days, I have been experiencing a problem, I added on a map, 22 cultures, except that I had to create 2 densityMap_fruits. Since then I have the grass that has disappeared. So I would like to understand this bug and know how to fix it.

Thank you for your help.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 17.07.2022 05:01
If you made new " densityMap_fruits" then your gass is not painted on the new one you will have to repaint the grass.

Nathan Lemoine (GamingXSpaceStudio) 18.07.2022 22:17
Thank for your answer. I do this, but I have an other question, when I create the second densityMap_fruits.gdm, the foliage is in the air. Is it a bug ?

William Rowe (Bonger76) 19.07.2022 05:36
Not sure what you mean by second densityMap_fruits.gdm ? , you mean A new one you can only have one densityMap_fruits.gdm in your map
I would guess never seen two. And the foliage above ground I think your terrain collision is off that is what it is planted to.

Nathan Lemoine (GamingXSpaceStudio) 19.07.2022 13:19
Hello, thank you for this answer. I'll try to put the terrain collisions then. Then the second densityMap_fruits is created in order to have a second density map which would accommodate like the first 14 crops

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