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Created16.07.2022 23:41

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 16.07.2022 23:41
Hi guy`s. I am adding fillTypesTP to my map but it wont load up the maps_densityMapHeightTypesxml. I git error in my log. Can someone help me to understand this error ? I am adding dirt but getting stone no mattter what in ingame.

Error loading density map height. 'map.densityMapHeightTypes.densityMapHeightType(0)' has no valid 'fillTypeName'!

The path to this file are ok, same goes for the filTypes.xml file.

Thank you

William Rowe (Bonger76) 17.07.2022 04:48
You have to add the new fillTypes to your maps maps_densityMapHeightTypes.xml so you need to make sure you have in your map and make sure that it is getting loaded from your map by your map.xml

<densityMapHeightTypes filename=" "your File Path" /maps_densityMapHeightTypes.xml" />

this error is either you did'nt put the new fillTypes in the maps_densityMapHeightTypes.xml or the path is wrong from your map.xml to the
maps_densityMapHeightTypes.xml is off.It is reading the new fillType but can't find them in the " maps_densityMapHeightTypes.xml " . If you are
useing the terraFarm mod stone is the default fillType because it is A game fillType.

I was looking at my map because I added the fillTypesTP to and the way that I did it was added the new types to my maps
maps_densityMapHeightTypes.xml that has all the fillTypes and make sure that it loades it from my map and did the same with the maps_fillTypes.xml and made sure that the map.xml loaded the "<fillTypes filename=" "your file path" /maps_fillTypes.xml" /> "
this way you only have two .xml you need to edit and the only add the fillTypes you
really whant and added the to the "<fillTypeCategories>" you whant in the fillType.xmlI did not use the .xml the fillTypeTP had.

hope something here Helps sorry if I did not get it right what you were asking. I added and edit the fillTypeTP when the terraFarm mod was first
released I adde new types and remover some then spent alot of time makeing the fillTypes match the ground textures so that when you dig coal
the ground looks like you are digging coal made seven new ground texture

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 17.07.2022 21:02
Hi. Thank you so much William, that helped a lot. The path was right but the placement of the text line was at wrong place in the map.xml file. I had it on the bottom of the file abowe the <map line. I placed it almost at the top and then it worked. I got the right textures on the pile in the game. I using the files that came with the fileTypesTP mod, my path to this folder is root/maps/xmls. fill Types and the maps_densityMapHeightTypes.xml files.
So thank you for setting me on the right path :)

William Rowe (Bonger76) 18.07.2022 05:40
No problem most errors I run into are file path ,most time just spelling,one time spent like three hours looking at A file path back and forth that is the right path what is the problem and was an s on maps/ should of been map/ whenever get a error or .lua stack always look for path problem first.

Thomas Irrera (tirrera) 27.10.2022 22:17
I have sort of the same question only my issue is with a mod rather than a map. I'm trying to load the densityMapHeightTypes.xml into a mod and it will not load without using a script (so far). I have used <fillTypes filename="xml/fillTypes.xml" /> in the modDesc and that works great but when I try <densityMapHeightTypes filename="xml/densityMapHeightTypes.xml" /> to do the same thing it does not load that one. I have also tried to load the animalFood.xml file with the same results, no go. Is there a header in the modDesc I'm missing? I know it's probably something really dumb I'm overlooking! I'm making a modded animal pen and I wanted to add some new food/fill types and I really want it to be released for all platforms so I do not want to use scripts if I can help it. Any info towards a solution would be greatly appreciated!

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