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Adding Vehicles to a map

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Created20.07.2022 12:54

Phill Thompson (ninja02) 20.07.2022 12:54
I've added some vehicle mods to a map so I can use them as mision vehicles. The problem I have is that the text for any customisations cannot be found, although it is in the modDesc.xml for the vehicle. Its saying in the customisation window for example "missing 'body1' in l10n_en.xml". Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks

William Rowe (Bonger76) 20.07.2022 16:10
You might try it the way 82Studio set it up in his moDesc.xml with " <l10n filenamePrefix="translations/l10n"/> " and have your own l10n_en.xml
in your mod and have all your text thier. DownLoad his FS22_TLX_Phoenix mod from the games modHub and compare how he set it up or try to load his truck as A mod in your vehicale mision vehicles and see if that works.

Phill Thompson (ninja02) 25.07.2022 11:37
Problem resolved. Adding vehicles into a map doesn't use their own modDesc. They use the map modDesc, therefore the l10n entries are to be placed in the map modDesc

William Rowe (Bonger76) 25.07.2022 23:15
Good to know thanks for responding back with the fix,it helps other who run into same problem.

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