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Created21.07.2022 18:40

Joe Theisen (JoeTheisen) 21.07.2022 18:40
Does anyone know if you can enter a value or some type of script to make the mass still affect the trailer just at specified amounts. Say a trailer holds 45k liters, I bump it up to 180k liters but I want to change the mass to a quarter of the weight. Expample <fillUnit shopDisplayUnit="CUBICMETER" fillTypes="sugarBeet" capacity="180000" updateMass=".25" >

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.07.2022 21:12
The attribute 'updateMass' is not a decimal, but a boolean (TRUE or FALSE).
To achieve a decimal mass factor for a certain fillUnit, you'll need a dedicated script.

Joe Theisen (JoeTheisen) 22.07.2022 22:28
Thanks for the reply.

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