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Created23.07.2022 00:03

Brendan Dobyns (fsvulcan31) 23.07.2022 00:03
I am currently working with a company who provided multiple pictures and parts information for a Sod Harvester I am designing for FS22. I am currently mainly working on the base frame and connection points for the unit. I would like to know how you could have an empty pallet be filled with sod rolls and then dropped off the back of the forks and then picked up with a forklift. How would you index a fork lowering and raising without the mouse? As everything is automated. Pallet version of something like a baler. If you are interested in helping let me know.

D-j. Roelfsema (NajKrid) 28.07.2022 18:38
Looking into the same thing myself... reckon you'll have to dig deep into the LUA scripts to get it to work...

Brendan Dobyns (fsvulcan31) 28.07.2022 22:30
Where do you find the LUA scripts?

D-j. Roelfsema (NajKrid) 28.07.2022 23:27
They're in the SDK... I'm looking to create the TurfTick sod harvesting machines... you?

Brendan Dobyns (fsvulcan31) 14.08.2022 15:05
Currently designing in blender the Robomax JD. Realized it can be built off the attacher points instead from ground up.

D-j. Roelfsema (NajKrid) 13.10.2022 17:31
Thinking of using the cultivator tool specialization for the sod harvester (in essence, cultivated soil is what remains after harvesting the sods?), so then it may be possible to make use of the existing scripts and don't need to write my own?

Brendan Dobyns (fsvulcan31) 12.11.2022 22:45
That's what I was looking at also. How's your model coming along?

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 12.11.2022 23:54
The Scripting API Reference FS22 is in the "Documentation" link at the top of page.

Brendan Dobyns (fsvulcan31) 16.07.2023 03:40
Current progress in Blender is slow due to work schedule. If I was able to work from home it'd be faster. But unfortunately. Have a crude model of the Brouwer JD Robomax Sod Harvester. If anyone wants to help let me know. Have parts diagrams from the company.

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