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Created28.07.2022 02:34

Larry Horse (Larry) 28.07.2022 02:34
I made a Fendt Cargo R which is an attachable front loader adapter. When you attach it to a tractor and then attach a front loader, main collision is firmly stuck on the ground. (the tool in question).
Rigid body type Dynamic - Compound - Collision
Collision Mask 203002 1 12 13 21

main things in the XML file (this is not the whole XML of course)

vehicle type="implement"

<size width="3" length="1" lengthOffset="-0.1" />
<component centerOfMass="0 0.1 0" solverIterationCount="10" mass="650" />
<schemaOverlay attacherJointPosition="0 0" name="IMPLEMENT" />
<mapHotspot type="TOOL" />
<inputAttacherJoint node="0>1|0" jointType="implement" topReferenceNode="0>1|1" lowerRotLimitScale="0 0 0" upperRotationOffset="2" lowerRotationOffset="0" needsLowering="false">
<distanceToGround lower="0.3" upper="1.5" />
<support animationName="moveSupport"/>

<attacherJoint node="0>0|0|0" jointType="attachableFrontloader" lowerTransLimit="0 0 0" lowerRotLimit="0 0 0" moveTime="2" >
<schema position="0.8 0" rotation="0" invertX="false"/>
<attach template="ATTACH_01" linkNode="0>" />

There are no errors in the Game log.

I wonder what vehicle type it should be and what specialization will it need

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