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Fruit Density reverts back

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Created04.08.2022 01:20

B Gehres (bgehres) 04.08.2022 01:20
I am having an issue with the fruit density map size on an 8km map. The size always reverts back to 4096 when the editor saves it to gdm format which makes in game crops too blocky. The source png is 16834.

As I keep troubleshooting I discovered if I replace the densityMap_fruits.png with a completely different file and delete all the gdm and grle files it still reverts back to the old gdm and doesn't show the changes. It even happens when I use a completely blank png. It's almost like there's a hidden file or something.

I changed the lodtexturesize to 8192 and made sure every density file is point to the mod and not base game.

I also tried deleting every file in the data folder and replacing with a different maps pngs and it still makes the gdm file based on the old one.

Where else could this be hiding?

I followed this to verify all the sizes are accurate.
1. densityMap_fruits: 16384x16384
2. densityMap_ground: 16384x16384
3. densityMap_height: 16384x16384
4. densityMap_stones: 16384x16384
5. densityMap_weed: 16384x16384
6. infoLayer_farmland: 4096x4096
7. infoLayer_indoorMask: 16384x16384
8. infoLayer_navigationCollision: 8192x8192
9. infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated: 4096x4096
10. infoLayer_tipCollision: 16384x16384
11. infoLayer_tipCollisionGenerated: 16384x16384
12. map_dem: 4097x4097

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