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Created15.08.2022 09:17

Philipp Schumacher (Pschumi) 15.08.2022 09:17
Hi everybody,
I am comletely new to modding. To learn about mods I decided to create a little simple mod.
I learned how to create and imlement all required files and that works. Ingame I can by and place the mod. But it has no collision and I can not sell it or click it. I checked the "rigid body" box and let the collision mask as default. I apreciate every suggestion.
How can I upload my mod so you can see, what I mean?

Thanks in advance.

My Game Steam (MyGameSteam) 16.08.2022 12:19
hello, each implement has it's own collision mask, you should check an in-game implement same as yours and check what is the collision mask they used, and note that the main collision that has the collision mask, should be dynamic, compound... and all other should be static, compoundChild

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