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3pt buggy

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Created18.08.2022 15:32

Patton_M47 18.08.2022 15:32
what is wrong with the 3pt on these tractors? these were roughly converted to 19 (then my PC died) and now I am trying to finish the pack...

Patton_M47 22.08.2022 04:28
help please?

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 22.08.2022 21:01
What error messages are you getting in the log file? (please start with 1st error)

Animations have changed for FS22, find a default GIANTS mod for reference. I will try to look at your script when I have time after work.

Patton_M47 22.08.2022 21:18
I tried referencing it to a in game machine to no avail... It doesn't throw an error related to the 3pt (from what I recall) I have always had trouble setting 3pts up..

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 23.08.2022 07:25
I recommend that you use the GIANTS John Deere Series 710 Tractor as an "Example Only" of how the xml script and i3d should be done.

Patton_M47 23.08.2022 14:38
okay I tried comparing it to the Z25k but I'll take a look at the 710

Patton_M47 26.08.2022 00:43

Patton_M47 28.08.2022 17:12
help please I need to finish this before Sep 10th

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