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Ground texture problem

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Created03.09.2022 19:47

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 03.09.2022 19:47
HI guy`s, I have converted a ground texure from FS19 and added it in the map.3D file. I can paint it down and there is no error.
I added it also to the groundTypeMappings in map.xml file The line goes like this.

<groundTypeMapping type="BEACHSAND" title="$l10n_groundType_beachsand" layer="BEACHSAND" />

Now! in the game, started a new savegame. it is tuned into a dark mud like color. And when I goes into paint mod I got this... Missing GroundType beashsand in L10N.xml

I have added this missing line in my modDesc.xml file and also in a external L10N.xml file on my map root.

like this

<text name="groundType_beachsand">

it does not help. Can anyone help please ?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.09.2022 00:47
No. The only people who could help were the Giants devs. But they prefer other nice things than writing consistent code.
So you must live with the fact that some 'l10n' localizatons are working and others not.

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