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Created10.09.2022 01:42

Dakota Carter (dlcarter97) 10.09.2022 01:42
I'm trying to convert a couple mods over but when it gets to the pop up about the old game directory when i hit continue it doesn't work and i have fs19 downloaded as well. what else am i missing the couple videos i watched they didn't have to input the old game install directory. Any help would be apricated.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.09.2022 01:04
At the very first you must learn that the GE inbuilt "mod conversion" is a very rough thing and works only with very simple things without further edits.
In many/most cases you'll have to edit manually the i3d files where filenames point to old "$data/..". There you have to copy the older FS files into your mod and setup the filenames relative to your mod folder.

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