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Get Fill level from trailers

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Created20.09.2022 01:29

Tobias Nielsen (Flicher_Toby) 20.09.2022 01:29
Hi there

I'm trying to make a display that shows the filllevel inside the tractor cabine.

The HAWA ULW 4000 has a display. I took the nubmers from there and put on a combine to show in the computer display there. I have put a some lines in the combines XML and done some work in the i3d. And it works

Now I want to make a display in the tractors cabin that shows the filllevel of the trailer.

But the HAWA and the combine get the fill level information from the the vehicle xml in the save game. In the vehicle XML there is a spot for each vehicle and inside that the fillllevel is.

Now I want the tractor to get that information from the vehicle XML but from another vehicle, so I can uses it for the display.

Is there anyway I can do that?

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