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Created25.09.2022 14:25

Stephen Wiggins (stdape2022) 25.09.2022 14:25
I am looking for some information, on where is the best place to get Dems?. I have tried a few, but the height info is not very accurate, and have followed some Videos. In the past I have attempted same which the Data seemed to work fine. But Fs22 I am having a few problems?.
Any advice well appreciated.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 25.09.2022 15:22
Where are you basing your map, a simple Google search normally can find the relevant high res SRTM's

Stephen Wiggins (stdape2022) 30.09.2022 11:19
Hey Colin Remember you from FS17! I think I have the Data now, but I am in Oxfordshire. (And sorry for late reply).
Now I have to remember how to mod lol. FS22 seems lacking in some things, plus the Converters our not upto date.
There is one question though, In FS17 there was a Placement Script to say put a row of hedges, I can not seem to find that. Seen a Few scripts in FS22, but not worked what they do yet. Also there was a script for placing trees in bulk.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 30.09.2022 12:31
All the scripts/tutorials I used in FS17/19 have been updated and are available here --- (log in required for downloads)

although it says /19-mapping/ it is up to date

Converters such as DEM/GRLE still work in FS 22

Textures have also changed BC7 format superceding DXT5 so you now require the GIANTS Texture Tool v9.0.0 (Farming Simulator 22) to convert, has to be this tool as image header information is changed to use certain bits for game (AI control for example) further info here

Stephen Wiggins (stdape2022) 30.09.2022 14:14
Brilliant thankyou. Willl give a go later. Thanks Colin

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 30.09.2022 16:35
Forgot to add

For hi res DEMs (Mostly 1m resoloution although some as low as 25cm) of England check the update at the bottom of the DEM tutorial

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