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marker icon invisible in game

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Created02.10.2022 09:51

Matteo Manganotti (manga1990) 02.10.2022 09:51
hi everyone,
why marker icon is visible on ge but not in game?

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 02.10.2022 11:40
Have you got the correct path set in the relevant xml (as no information given as to what marker or what xml)

Matteo Manganotti (manga1990) 03.10.2022 08:55
i think the path is right but can you show me an example?thks

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 03.10.2022 15:18
Look at any of the production placeables i3d's/ xml's,for example the sawmill

<triggerMarker node="unloadTriggerMarker" filename="$data/shared/assets/marker/markerIcons.xml" id="UNLOAD" adjustToGround="true" />

<i3dMapping id="unloadTriggerMarker" node="0>3|0|0" />

Matteo Manganotti (manga1990) 07.10.2022 14:55
ok i solved it, thanks a lot!!!

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