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Created03.10.2022 17:00

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 03.10.2022 17:00
HI. So, I found a mod on net, it`s a slaugther house. You buy animals from the dealer and deliver them to the slaughterhouse. I can`t get the trigger to work. Note: This is not my mod and I will not edit this mod. I have made my own slaughterhouse. I only want some of the information to get mine to work. There is a script folder in this mod, inside this folder there is 2 more folders,, Events and controllers, inside these there is 2 scripts. Now. I can`t find any information or adresses to these 2 folders in the modDesc.xml file. So the question is, are these folders controlled by game files ?

The only adress inside the modDesc.xml file is <sourceFile filename="scripts/Core.lua"/> <sourceFile filename="scripts/Main.lua"/> I have tryed them but the trigger still don`t work. is these scripts designed for this mod only or is this scripts everyone can use ?

in addition to this there is also a external l10n.xml file called lang and there is also a line in the modDesc.xml file <l10n filenamePrefix="lang/lang"/>

I am trying to understand all of this and how it`s fit`s together. There is not so much information on these things so I hoping someone can tell me a little how these works.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.10.2022 15:18
The 'l10n' files are for localization and contain translated texts.
External l10n files are often used for a lot of text, where including it in modDesc file would make it somehow confusing upto messy.

Concerning the mod scripts you'll need some experience in FS scripting (LUA) to interprete functionality.
Scripts can be nested, so one script can call (post-load) another, usually somewhere in the LUA code by the function "source('filename')".

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 10.10.2022 05:31
Ah, I understand now. it`s not easy but, thats the way it is i guess. Thank you for reply to me Bilbo and sorry for the late reply to you.

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