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Created10.10.2022 05:27

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 10.10.2022 05:27
Hi. can anyone explain a couple of things to me ?

I have made a factory and it`s working, but I don`t quite understand the meaning of some lines. Here we go.

<production id="Boxes" name="Boxes" cyclesPerHour="200" costsPerActiveHour="1">
<input fillType="SUGAR" amount="20" /> "What does this mean?"
<input fillType="WATER" amount="20" /> "What does this mean?"
<input fillType="DYE" amount="10" /> "What does this mean?"
<input fillType="GLUE" amount="10" /> "What does this mean?"
<output fillType="TAPE" amount="15" /> "What does this mean?"

How do I adjust the amount og pallets in the trigger? I only want 6 in the trigger and not 60 , just to give a number

Thank you

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.10.2022 22:08
The above <production> tags are quite simple and mean:
20 sugar + 20 water + 10 dye + 10 glue give 15 tape in one cycle.
Multiply each values by 200 (cyclesPerHour) and you get the input/output in one hour.

For the amount of spawned pallets you need to scale the output area of the <palletSpawner> according the size of pallet which is usually defined in the corresponding pallet.xml.

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 11.10.2022 01:23
OK thank you Bilbo. Understand now.

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