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Created18.10.2022 23:52

Robert Bourget (Boogietr0n) 18.10.2022 23:52
I found a mod that lets me input fertilizer and saplings and outputs pallets of logs. I want to modify this to output actual logs instead. I know how to edit the XMLs..I am curious if anyone has an idea if there is a way to export Logs? May a script that creates them somehow? I want to do the trucking without having to actually cut down logs, since I play by myself most of the time and its very tedious and time consuming. Any help is much appreciated.

M_k Mcd4 (MKMcD) 19.10.2022 04:57
Check out the Easy Development Controls mod.

Robert Bourget (Boogietr0n) 19.10.2022 17:02
I do have that, I was hoping for a way to export stacks of logs from a production instead of creating pallets. I guess I could delete the pallets and spawn in logs, but was hoping for something more automatic.

M_k Mcd4 (MKMcD) 22.10.2022 20:13
I said to check it how so that you can see how it creates logs and then you can do something similar in your script.

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