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Created22.10.2022 19:56

James Colton Kincannon (Driver9151) 22.10.2022 19:56
Well I'm on my third round trying to convert a mod. It's a Challenger tractor. The mod is in the game, shows up, everything works etc. The tracks themselves do not show up. If you open the track i3d in Giants Editor, all the wheels and rollers show up, but no tracks. The tractor did have 3D tracks in the 19 version and I have all the files for that. I have tried replacing arrays and such with newer files, updating the claasVehicleShader file by replacing with a normal vehicleShader from FS22 (That did make the track rubber appear in a straight line in front of the tracks, instead of not at all). I'm lost. Giants Editor throws a shader error (v4, it wants v5) and "Error: In material "track_mat" custommap "mTrackArray" is not referenced in the variation "base". I've gone through the XML's and i3d's and also gone through the 19 version and see nothing out of place. Any tips?

Gerrit De Slak (gerritdeslak) 30.10.2022 19:24
The shader error means you need to update to a newer version of the shader. You can find them in your fs 22 folder/data/shaders.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 30.10.2022 20:36
Have you looked at these examples for comparison,available in the download area of this forum

FarmCon22 - Crawlers - Samples

James Colton Kincannon (Driver9151) 05.11.2022 19:43
I'm sure everyone's been wondering how this went. I managed to make it work after literally just opening the i3d from the FS19 mod on repeat, after 4 or 5 tries the tracks showed up and worked. I got the thing fully working ingame the only thing is the last update seems to have broken the steering nodes, the tracks occasionally act like they need to steer like wheels so they twist side to side. Anyone have an idea there? It's completely random, nothing particular seems to trigger it.

Earl Bush (ProQuasar) 31.12.2022 16:47
I've been working on developing some 3D tracks.
Most tracks need 3 points of reference in the model. The wheel hub, the crawler front bogie/sprocket and the rear bogie/sprocket.
I've also noticed that the newer tracks in FS22 all have bones when viewed in Giants Editor.
I've been hunting on how to create these bones via Blender, but no luck. I can make standard bones in Blender, but they do not show correctly as the bones I'm referencing in GE.
I believe these bones give additional structure to the 3D tracks to ensure the assembly moves as one piece.

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