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Created28.10.2022 14:45

Cosmin Dohotariu (Scominel) 28.10.2022 14:45
I want to catch some objects created and implemented by me in the game, with belts, but they don't work, I go through them and they don't stay stuck on the platform. What can I do?

Loki Laufeyson (loki_79) 28.10.2022 23:47
You need to tick the "CPU Mesh" box in the shape panel (in GE). You also need to include the "tensionBeltObject" tags in the XML. Maybe another thing too, but compare to an item that does strap down.

Cosmin Dohotariu (Scominel) 29.10.2022 11:49
Thanks, I will try. Have a nice day mate.

Cosmin Dohotariu (Scominel) 29.10.2022 13:47
No, I try for 2 hours, but nothing....maybe I do something wrong, maybe i3d is a problem, or XML, IDK.

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