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Created12.11.2022 06:43

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 12.11.2022 06:43
HI guys. I have made a cake production that produce 1 cake section of the pallet. I exported 1 cake from the pallet and added the necessary triggers and colission to it. I got it to work (almost). They are little higher than the table they spawn on but that is some adjustment I think. Now, The problem is that I got error in my log. Error: No fillUnitIndex for fillType CAKE found, pallet: I don`t understand what the problem is. I edited the cake that was alredy in the map_fillTypes.xml file. I only edit the hud file and the pallet location, to my own cakebox i3D file. Here is what is in my cakebos.xml file

<fillUnits removeVehicleIfEmpty="true">
<fillUnit unitTextOverride="$l10n_unit_literShort" fillTypes="cake" capacity="200" startFillType="cake" startFillLevel="200" updateMass="false" showInShop="false" />

<dischargeable requiresTipOcclusionArea="false">
<dischargeNode node="dischargeActivationTrigger" emptySpeed="99999" fillUnitIndex="1" maxDistance="6" canStartDischargeAutomatically="true" />

Can someone please explain what this is or what I can do with it ?

Thank you.

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