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Created16.11.2022 12:30

Bjørn Brynildsen (prawler) 16.11.2022 12:30
First of all. Nice addition to the game.

Not all will play on the new Silverrun map. I do like the new machinery and placeables. So, how do we create mods of those?
They do not show up in editor. Is there a new version coming?

Best regards

. Alexey . (2Alexey2) 23.11.2022 19:11
I join the discussion, even if you released a DLC, please make it look like an SDK with a tutorial on modding forest units, without scripts and other things so that mods work only on platinum

M_k Mcd4 (MKMcD) 23.11.2022 21:39
>>> So, how do we create mods of those?

You can't. The dlc is encrypted.

Noah Graber (Emmen_Thaler) 26.11.2022 15:57
Is there a way to find the names of the new added goods to add them into other mods? e.g if i want to make a sawmill wich produces boards, long boards, beams and walls. But i dont seem to find any information on how to add them to the xml.

Jeck29 27.11.2022 15:31
I think we have to wait for an update cause they have made only half of the job.

Platinum installed we can buy and place some of the new production placeables but not the new sawmill that is the only one that can produce
some of the new goods for them... lol..

Free iron ore on the new map ? Seriously ? Funny world where giant devs are living..
(The ingame description of the mine say you have to provide water and wood but ingame it is not necessary... half baked expansion again)

Dan Hickey (danman83) 09.12.2022 18:12
i understand why the platinum dlc has to be encrypted etc but would be nice to put some of the new features in mods,i dont know for all the vehicles etc but at least for map making could we maybe get a prefab pack with the breakable rocks n a few other things that giant feel ok with

Ola Haldor Solvik Voll (OlaHaldor) 11.12.2022 10:25
I really wish the new water/foam/white water shader or whatever they call it would be made as part of the base game shaders instead of locked and tucked away inside the DLC. There's really no need for that. It could only benefit *all* if it was put in the basegame and a little hint about how it's set up. I would absolutely LOVE to remake my rivers and creeks if I could use that tech on my map.

At least the containers are just a pallet, so I've made that working on my map, so it can both sell or transfer wood to the inventory at the sawmill. (allthough it will only transfer 2/3 of the amount of wood actually stored in the container.. not sure why).

The products made at the sawmill and different carpenter type productions can also easily be added to your own custom placeables, because they are just filltypes which you can produce and accept just like at silverrun.

So in my map I've made the carpenter make all these kinds of products in one place (which would be more realistic for the real location and carpenter), and all these things will spawn together with the default furniture pallets.

I'm not much in these forums though, so if you'd like to have a chat about it I'm on Discord (maps of norway server) and you can tag me on the giants forums.

Matti Minkkinen (wopito) 12.01.2023 05:21
The game makers started on the same line as the makers of EA's Fifa and NHL games. The worst and stupidest game makers in the Ea world.
Modding is blocked only because the players make dirt good and spectacular mods compared to the original creators.
Envy and malice are bad things for servants of the public.

I stopped buying and playing all EA games.
I guess the same must be done for Giant's games too, because it has followed the same line of blocking.

Matti Minkkinen (wopito) 13.01.2023 15:45
Now, your changing that the game comes directly from your servers is like EA's "anticheat", same thing, different name. That is that you force-feed the buyers what you want, without the players having any chance to influence anything. To buy or not to buy.
If you continue this line, you will go back and the game will die, believe me!
There are other Farmi games, they develop when players start buying them!

Matti Minkkinen (wopito) 13.01.2023 16:30
All that means is that you are brainwashed to accept all the good and bad, everything that the plinkers feed you, that's what everyone does nowadays, you don't even feel right or wrong anymore. L
I heard that this game would be honest, it's not, they start feeding the same crap as EA and its partners!

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