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Created22.11.2022 03:24

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 22.11.2022 03:24

Just want to kind of see maybe whats up with all of the stuff going on in my game. Basically, long story short i had to shut my computer off by the power supply switch very quickly. ever since i did that (2-3 weeks ago now), after about 30-45 minutes of game play i start to get really bad graphical issues and what seems to be rendering artifacts, but only within certain view distances. sometimes its the view cone that is closest to the player, sometimes the middle cone, sometimes its the farthest one away. Some games it completely wrecks the way all tree foliage looks (all the leaves completely disappear once i get close to them, but only on player-planted trees and olives/grapes. Other times, i get weird red squares on buildings. Today, my mailboxes and fences turned bright green, and upon tabbing through my vehicles i noticed my trees looked quite weird and i thought it would be worth it to post here to see if maybe anyone else could tell me whats going on with my game.

i dont think there is something going on with my actual hardware, as all of my other games play and preform perfectly fine, it seems to only have effected FS22. I have verified the game files, uninstalled the game twice and reinstalled, went through the entire file system and deleted literally every single file (except for my save file obviously) and re-did all my settings multiple times. the graphical issues seem to go away if i turn all my settings down to the lowest it will go, and then when slowly turning all my settings back up, they dont come back until about an hour of gameplay.

not sure where else to go with this one, but here is the picture of what the felled trees look like. i can definitely get pictures of the other rendering issues upon request if someone is interested in helping me.

Thanks in advance,

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.11.2022 22:48
Could be a problem with the shader caches.
Try deleting the FS shader caches in FS user folder "shader_cache".
Could be also helpful to disable the shadercache in your gfx driver settings.

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 27.11.2022 03:02
Thanks Bilbo, you always know the answer :)

you're the best!

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