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The front wheels do not turn

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Created22.11.2022 13:31

Samuel Majerčák (GamerSamo) 22.11.2022 13:31
I would like some advice, I'm working on a tractor model and I have the front axle complete. And I have a problem that the wheels do not turn. If there was someone here who could help me with that, I would be very happy. I tried everything and I have no idea where the error is. I use Blender to create the model. Thanks in advance for any answer

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.11.2022 22:42
Check for proper node assignment in wheels and differential.

Samuel Majerčák (GamerSamo) 24.11.2022 14:00
I have a problem that the axle does not turn right and left. So I would need advice on where the error can be and what all must be in the xml for it to work. I have set moving parts in the xml, but it still doesn't work, do I need something more? Thank you in advance for answer.

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