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bleeding material over wall

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Created29.11.2022 16:54

Jan Cech (truckercech) 29.11.2022 16:54
i try research some info why any tipping material is going to see over wall...(material going through wall)
im trying to learn some modding, so for my friend i modeled U bunker silo..he want to use it for tipping stones...
im testing it with cutted grass..and grass is going over walls....
please can you say me how to setup correct colision?
my collisions are:
-bottom floor
-side and back wall
setuped rigid body, non renderable

2nd problem is, when i place mod it make straight terraind on the side of my model (on picture you see brown mud on side of bunker..thats how game clculate leveling??)
-i setuped areas like out area for leveling
-i did ai and tipOcclusionUpdateAreas

thanks for help

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