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Created03.12.2022 22:18

Wilco Willemsen (WDV0570) 03.12.2022 22:18
Another n00b question from a beginner!
Applying User Attributes to selection

How can I apply User Attributes to multiple splines at once? I've tried creating a selection by holding the SHIFT key and selecting a few splines, but adding a User Attribute only applies it to the first selected spline.

I wish to change the SpeedLimit=100 float value to 80 on some roads, 120 on others. There has to be an easier way to do this other than manually editing 100+ splines, right?

Sorry for the title, I've tried posting this thing about 20 times and it just refused to pop up on the forum.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 03.12.2022 22:49

100+ splines does seem a little excessive for a map even a 4k map shouldn't need that many.

You could try using the replace function in notepad++

I take it there are more '80' splines than '120' so for a start you could set all splines to 80 by the following example

open i3d in notepad++ and set the following in the Search-Replace

Find What - <Attribute name="speedLimit" type="float" value="100"/>
Replace with - <Attribute name="speedLimit" type="float" value="80"/>

and select Replace All (provided you have not set any speed attributes on AI splines as they are not needed as speed and vehicle width governed by the Ai.lua)

Then note the nodeId of the 120 splines and in the i3d replace the 80 with 120 at the relevant nodeId one at a time

Wilco Willemsen (WDV0570) 03.12.2022 23:47
100 splines is excessive? If the math holds up, it's going to be somewhere in the 500 range before I'll get everything done.
60 straight roads, each 2 splines for both lanes = 120*
4 corners of the map, 2 lanes = 8
16 T-junctions, 6 splines each = 96
16 X-junctions, 12 splines each = 192
26 Delivery/Pickup points, 2 splines each = 52*
* As the delivery points usually intersect a straight road, 26 straight roads get interrupted effectively doubling them. so in reality it'll be 86 straight roads/172 splines.
Expected amount of splines total: 520
I'm using the same 'tactic' as the road splines on default Elm Creek.

Link to a picture of the map layout:

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 04.12.2022 12:29
Apologise just had a quick count on ELM Creek and that has approx 500 traffic/AI splines

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