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Created07.12.2022 15:51

Vincenz Ziegler (VIncemaan) 07.12.2022 15:51
I want to create a mod where you can attach more weight to the Yarder. right now you cant even attach one big Tree. Since we cant just copy the xml into a new mod, edit the values and call it a day this seems to be a litle bit more difficult.

I was thinking about making a lua script wich just multiplys the current max attachable weight or male a simple xml mod with changed values similar how giants did it with the Challenger Mt700.

Can anyone help?

Thank you

Todd Rudolph (OldDungeonMaster) 02.02.2023 15:27
I just started trying to learn how to edit and have same goal. with even hopes to make some better bigger yarders in blender instead of the small ones that are available in the game currently. If and when I get something on load weight or a gigger one made ill post info here

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