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Created08.12.2022 00:37

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 08.12.2022 00:37
Is it possible to set a node or transform group to only appear when it's raining?


Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 08.12.2022 10:57
Visibilty Condition --Weather required mask ---Rain, possibly

<flag bit="0" name="SUN"/>
<flag bit="1" name="RAIN"/>
<flag bit="2" name="HAIL"/>
<flag bit="3" name="SNOW"/>
<flag bit="4" name="CLOUDY"/>
<flag bit="5" name="DAY"/>
<flag bit="6" name="NIGHT"/>
<flag bit="7" name="SPRING"/>
<flag bit="8" name="SUMMER"/>
<flag bit="9" name="AUTUMN"/>
<flag bit="10" name="WINTER"/>
<flag bit="0" name="INTERIOR"/>
<flag bit="1" name="EXTERIOR"/>
<flag bit="2" name="IN_VEHICLE"/>
<flag bit="3" name="OUT_VEHICLE"/>

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