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problem with straw and grapes

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Created09.12.2022 09:40

Mirko Mirko (brumbrum) 09.12.2022 09:40
Hi everyone, i'm working on a map and during the test i discover that in some area of fields straw doesn't appear. Any suggestions? I put a link for the image.

The second question is about grapes. i would like to have grapes in some fields (no owned by the player) but the result everytime i try something is grapes at the final stage of growth for all the time. Are there a way to make them to have the circle of life even if i'm not the owner?

M_k Mcd4 (MKMcD) 14.12.2022 15:42
Was there ever a road there?
Check the tipCollision info layer. It might not be set correctly.

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