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Silverrun Snowy Roads?

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Created09.01.2023 03:07

JMFModding 09.01.2023 03:07
Has Giants or anyone spoke about how they made the roads on Silverrin have snow accumulation? Its a texture thing, similar to how a building shader lets snow accumulate on buildings

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 09.01.2023 11:17
Snow cover is controlled by the indoorMask in GE (in map data folder infoLayer_indoorMask.grle), to see the result open Elmcreek in GE and selecting the elmcreek transform in the attributes panel deselect visibilty.
If you want to change it in GE select terrain info paint mode and in the Info Layer Painting panel select Indoor Mask and delete white area in the normal way (right click , making sure that RMB setting is set to Subtract in the Brush Panel)

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