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Created22.01.2023 18:29

Jefferson Larue (silver) 22.01.2023 18:29
Any knows how to increase multi terrain angle on maps ?

Snake Man (snakeman) 23.01.2023 07:26
Multi Terrain Angle Tutorial

List of our tutorials, terrain editing info, "map making" tips on

If you get stuck with editing, road painting etc you can ask help in PMC forum

Jefferson Larue (silver) 23.01.2023 15:30
Hi Snake Man

Thanks for your reply.
Does the tutorial work for FS22 maps (I read a while ago that the FS19 method was not convenient for FS19 ?!!?) ?

Snake Man (snakeman) 23.01.2023 16:24
Try it out, if that editing method does not work then let me know, I'll do my best to research a way that does and create FS22 version of that page.

Julien Laune (Jujudu62) 23.01.2023 20:48
Hi silver!

Lance Lancyboi (lancyboi79) 24.01.2023 19:34

Lance Lancyboi (lancyboi79) 24.01.2023 19:35

Lance Lancyboi (lancyboi79) 24.01.2023 19:35

Jefferson Larue (silver) 27.01.2023 09:40
Hi Guys,

I have tried all the tutoriels you refer to (the method is always the same), on 2 different maps and it didn,t work. Although I am not the best modder in the world, I am sure that amoung my dozen of attempts some have been made by strictly following and correctly applying the instructions.

I am apparently not the only one to struggle with MTA.

Maps targeted were La Coronella and Thuringen ยง

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