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Created23.01.2023 18:55

Ed Weatherup (Blue_Painted) 23.01.2023 18:55
Two questions:

1) What do I need to do to stop my pigs escaping the navmesh,

I'm making a conversion and private edit of a FS17 map. For pigs I'm using the pigBarnSmall as the basis for the animal husbandry placeable and it is mostly working with a new navMesh that created following ShyWizard's YT tutorial -- except that the pigs are "escaping" the navMesh, walking through walls and still seem to be occupying the original square area.

I have pointed the xml to the new navMesh and I can see that the pigs are going into the new area, they are also escaping.

I built the mesh using primitive planes, with a "build Nav mesh mask" value of 0xFE.

I've tried shifting al the placeable areas - the fences, foliage area, indoor areas etc etc to be within the new navmesh, but that didn't help.

Any suggestions gratefully received!

2) How many times must I post the same question before it makes it to the forum?


Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 24.01.2023 18:19
THe only thing I can think of is the file path to the navMesh,
If in the map placeable folder it should be filename"placeables/whatever your pig farm folder/navigationMesh.i3d"
Otherwise for a separate mod placeable it is referenced directly filename="navigationMesh.i3d@

Ed Weatherup (Blue_Painted) 24.01.2023 21:55
I found that I had got the index path wrong for the navigationroot and hope that would be the answer - sadly, it's not.

Is there a debug function FS22 that would let me see the navmesh in-game?

It was my fault (of course) - i had a translation on the functional parts of the pigBarn, which meant that there was a translation applied to the navigationRoot node. As a bodge, I reversed the translation on the node, perhaps I should have added a translation to the mesh in navigationMesh.i3d. I'll fix it later, maybe, but for now the pigs are staying on the farm.

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