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Created28.01.2023 20:00

Peter Kleborg (Pidde) 28.01.2023 20:00
I know this has been asked here before but I haven't found a good answer. I have also searched elsewhere and googled a lot.
I'm going to start Farming Simulator again and for me modding is the most fun. Especially new maps.
So what should I buy to get as complete as possible with tools, SDKs, etc.?
Steam or direct from Giant? Anything else to consider that I might be missing in my question?

Snake Man (snakeman) 28.01.2023 23:08
Buy FS22 directly from giants

Blender, GIMP, graphicsmagick and notepad++ are free, giants editor of course is free, dunno from top of my head what other editing tools would you need, so besides the game itself you don't have to buy anything.

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