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Created31.01.2023 10:30

Cosmin Dohotariu (Scominel) 31.01.2023 10:30
I have this part of code " <animatedObject saveId="dor1" >
<animation initialTime="0" duration="6" looping="false">

<part node="0>5|1">
<keyFrame time="0" translation="0 0 0" rotation="0 0 0" />
<keyFrame time="1" translation="0 0 19.7" rotation="0 0 0" />

<controls posAction="ACTIVATE_HANDTOOL" triggerNode="0>7|1" posText="Open" negText="Close" />
</animatedObject> "
And I want to be a loop animation. If someone know how and have time I appreciate. I tied to turn false on looping section but no working.

Doug Williams (Dougw133) 21.04.2023 08:46
Adopt AndyGTX animation script from github

Cosmin Dohotariu (Scominel) 21.04.2023 14:32
I don't find anything....please can you share link or script?

Doug Williams (Dougw133) 24.04.2023 12:00
Just Google Andy GTX github. First thing that comes up. You have to download it there and there only.

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