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Created09.02.2023 01:33

Andy Mikell (Skooter8629) 09.02.2023 01:33
I am working on an articulated tractor that has a unique steering system. It has two select able steering modes. standard articulation and combination steering. The combination steering is where my question lies. This is where the front axle steers 6 degrees in either direction, The articulation joint will not begin to turn until the front axle has reached is maximum steering rotation. Would this be possible without a custom script?

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 09.02.2023 20:26
Take a look at the in-game ROPA and GRIMME Beet Harvester vehicles. Is this what you are looking for?
Control-Y to change to the Turn Steering mode.

Andy Mikell (Skooter8629) 19.05.2023 02:01
The tractors that I am making is the Steiger puma/ wildcat 1000 and Case IH 9010 and 9030 models which were all offered with a front axle that was mounted on a pivot. This was the "Row Crop Special" tractors. The front axle would rotate I believe 8 degrees in either direction without the center pivot of the tractor moving. This would allow steering in row crop fields without the tail wag of an articulated tractor. Only after the front axle has reached the 8 degrees, would the tractor start to articulate as normal. There are a number of vehicles in the game with a combination steering option where the front wheels and center pivot work together but none work exactly the way I am looking for.

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