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Created19.02.2023 19:50

Daniel Jørgensen (Hulapyk) 19.02.2023 19:50
I'm trying to make a 3point lift that has a 3point attachment to basically lift attachments like a forklift. However I'm having trouble getting the attachment I want to lift move up and down.
My lift has a moving part that is lifting up and down. That works.
Attached to that I have a 3 point connection mounted (This is where the implements I'm trying to lift gets attached to). This moves up and down as well.
However when I've attached something to my 3point i can move my attachment point up and down, but the implement I have connected stays in the same place, instead of following the attachment point up and down. How can I fix this?
Above is a link to an imgur album trying to show what I've got.
As you can see in the hierarchy image, lift2 is the part that moves up and down and I've attached "lizard_component1" to this, that is where I attach my implements.
The 2nd image just shows what my model looks like. The black part on the lift is what goes up and down like a forklift, and the orange bit is where my 3point attachment is.

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