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Created28.02.2023 22:32

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 28.02.2023 22:32
Hello. I have made a whool production mod, I have added some trees to it but it does not showing up in the game. i have imported some small spruce trees from the fs22 folder by draging the tree over to the mod i3d and then created a transfom group called trees. Saving the i3d mod, but it will not show up in the game. Does anyone know why it don`t work and how to fix it?

Ps. I also tryed to copy the trees over to a folder in the mod and then imported it but still not working.

Thank you.

Anthony Vocco (SugarDasho) 06.04.2023 17:23
Try copying the mods to another folder if they are installed. Then completely delete all the mods and install them again.

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