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Created08.03.2023 00:25

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 08.03.2023 00:25
Hi guy`s. I made a car trailer with hooklift. The hook lift is 3 parts. one part that is stuck to the chassi and one part that is rotate around the lock pin..

I have made all the parts in the giants editor by using cubes and cylinders. So far it works but there is one problem that I can`t figure out. The arm that is rotate around the pin is not rotate around the pin. The orbit is on the middle of the arm instead of the end where the pin is. So the arm is not lifting right. I can`t seem to move the orbit to the end of the arm. is this even possible to do in Giants editor or do i have to make this in blender ? I need to set the orbit at the end of the arm and the lock pin so it rotate right.

if not in Giants editor, can I exsport it to blender and fix this issue there ?

please someone help. I`m stuck and i want to make this finnish.. This is the only problem i have with it.

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