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Created12.03.2023 15:17

Neat Modding (neat_modding) 12.03.2023 15:17
Is posting new topic fixed?

Neat Modding (neat_modding) 12.03.2023 15:18
Thank you! Please delete the topic.

Neat Modding (neat_modding) 12.03.2023 15:42
No, sorry, this is not fixed!

Posting the actual topic again landed on an empty page with no error message or anything. Just blank screen. Going back in the browser does not return back to a post, so what you type is lost. Even after something like couple months of tries, posting anything is still impossible.

Is there a character limit? Is there 1 post per day limit? Review? Any way to get an error message?

Neat Modding (neat_modding) 12.03.2023 16:35
Ok, since I don't really want to retry posting in yet another couple weeks, here is the list of issues:

1) GDN topic posting is broken
Clicking 'Save' shows blank screen, and nothing happens. Going back to history will show browser re-post screen, so you cannot get back to what you typed, and it's lost.
2) Giants forum registration is broken
Activation email arrived, but logging in is failing, reset password is failing, resend activation is failing. Also 'Username' is confusing - is it a name with spaces or email? Both fail.
3) Game has a massive power consumption when minimized
Regular power consumption on max details 4k - 120W-190W on 3090. If game is minimized, the power consumption goes to 320W on the GPU. So it's probably sitting there, rendering to invisible buffers.
4) Tree flicker is bad or really bad.
With vsync on at 60fps, the flicker is annoying, but not persistent. With vsync off, the whole environment flickers constantly. Looks like either shadows, the red bushes, or some other object.
5) Shader recompilation is done in game time
There is a missing option to rerun shader recompilation. This is super annoying and important. As deleting shader cache somewhat helps with flickering sometimes, but when you do it, it's lags all over the place. As it seems the game is recompiling combinations of shaders on everything. Change camera to internal, massive lag, change camera view, massive lag, drive on the road, massive lag as things come into view. And it only gets better after visiting most of the map, as at that point the shader cache is somewhat full. First impression of the game might be awful.
6) Field boundaries are very crude
If you open a screen to buy fields, you can see the field boundaries tint. Sometimes drawn boundaries are very crude, as they overflow or underflow the actual field. This has major implications in game, as objects near field boundaries become uneditable (terrain editing, or cutting trees). You can observe this in almost all maps. Starting location near main shop in Silverrun - it's impossible to flatten terrain next to a fence next to a shop or next to the other shop. You cannot cut like 7 trees near the pond. This interferes badly with 'create fields' option. Mods like 'Paint and terraform anywhere' or 'Lumberjack' can help with that. But the base game should not have this issue in the 1st place.
7) It's impossible to demolish map objects
There are some major issues with map placeables. Beams around track near old sawmill have collision boxes that interfere with trailers, so trailers cannot pass over them. Which is a big issue, since those are the road crossing segments. Then there are old stumps, that again cannot be removed and interfere with 'create fields'/terraform. Then there are those dirt road objects that span the fields. Even when field is owned, those cannot be demolished, and hence, interfere with 'create field'/terraform options.
8) Railroad sign near old sawmill is way off sync
It only closes when train is already passing

Snake Man (snakeman) 13.03.2023 02:41
I can confirm GDN creating new topic fails with empty screen.

Forget about using the browser "Back" button or history to go back after submitting a message post / reply has failed, it has never worked that way. What you need to do is to always write your longer more important replies to a text editor so they are saved until the post has gone through, you never know what might happen on your internet or the forum's ISP's internet etc. Notepad++ is fine, just open a new tab, write your long post there, its also good way to proof read it, links etc, then copy-paste into forum and click submit, easy.

User name is not confusing, its never an email, I love these people in forums or other places with email as username, that's what you get when your grow up with facebook disease culture ;)

But yeah this GDN software seems to be from early 90s and not working very well, heck wonder if this post even goes through, better to copy-paste this to a text editor new tab, to follow my own advice :)

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