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Created17.03.2023 00:37

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 17.03.2023 00:37
Hello all. I`m trying to figure out how to get the old lady from the FR map, walking from my house and into a garden shed and back again when the other pedistrians are on other splines, is this possible to do?, how do I do that? I have the PedistriansSystem.xml file in my folders and the pedistrian in my i3d pointed to that file.

thank you.

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 17.03.2023 03:07
I got it to work

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 17.03.2023 11:02
Would be helpful to others if you described how you managed to get things working , instead of just posting "I got it to work"

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